What Does SEO mean?

What does “SEO” stand for?

Well, SEO simply stands for “Search Engine Optimisation”. It is the process of ranking websites higher on search engine searches and it is made up of many aspects. 

To put SEO into context, you need to understand online traffic to your website. 

Types of online traffic (organic vs paid)

There are commonly two types of traffic online: Paid Traffic and Organic Traffic.

Paid Traffic

Paid Traffic are those people who have clicked through to your website through an advertisement i.e. through Google Ads or Facebook Ads. As the website owner, this type of traffic is usually “paid per click” to your website. This means, each click has a rate and depending on the number of clicks to your website, you will pay the advertiser accordingly.

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic on the other side doesn’t require payment per click to your website so long as you rank highly for the relevant keyword/s.

Some keywords are high value and in some cases, paid traffic can cost up to £10+ per click.

Therefore by ranking higher in search engines for these high volume keywords and attracting organic traffic, you can save a fortune on paid traffic.

How does SEO help reduce advertising cost?

Essentially, SEO is the practice of maximising organic traffic for multiple keywords in your business niche on Google’s and other search engine. This means that you are not constantly paying to advertise your business and your customer are finding your business naturally when they are searching for the product or services which they are looking for.

SEO can therefore be part of a cost effective marketing strategy to gain ranking for relevant keywords in your niche and not pay high and fluctuating advertising charges, which are based on clicks. 

Why is paid traffic not always effective?

You must understand that not all clicks sent to your website through adverts are conversions or leads. Sometimes, you will have competitors, bots and people not actual looking for your services, clicking on your ads. The advertiser will not distinguish between a genuine or not so genuine customers (clicks). As a result, you still pay for those completely useless clicks and this increases your adverting spend and brings absolutely no gain to your business.

Why we believe choosing SEO services are more effective than paid traffic (Pay per Click)?

Well, the difference with SEO services is that it targets words and phrases which your ideal customer is looking for and aims to put your website in front for them when they are searching. And regardless if you had 100 or 1,000 clicks on your website in a day, there is absolutely no uncertain cost unlike paid ads which are “Pay Per Click”. Our SEO services are a fixed monthly amount that will bring in customers and traffic. 

Why Choose our SEO Services?

You may ask, why use our SEO Services? What make us different?


The first thing we would like to emphasise is that we too, are a local business. And yes, we are actual people based in Watford, Hertfordshire.

Not only this, but we have carried out SEO work for local businesses that have reached and maintained 1st page ranking for searches in Watford, Hemel Hempstead, St Albans, Harrow (Just to name a few) and even rank on 1st page search results for Hertfordshire. Rather than simply taking our word for it, we would rather you verify this claim for yourself.

As it’s on in the public domain on Google anyway, we’ll let you do this part yourself. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Google.co.uk or Google.com
  2. Type any of the following in the search bar “Marquee hire in Watford” and/or “Car valet in Watford”
  3. Let us guess, the first organic ranked pages (very important! not sponsored result) for both of these searches are for Watford Marquees and Watford Pro Valet. Correct? YES!

We don’t want to blow our own trumpet, but you will be thrilled to know, we are the ones who designed and carried out all the SEO services on both of these websites. So you can rest assured we know exactly what we are doing when in comes to ranking your website locally on Google.


Ad Spend Savings by Client

Here are Monthly savings on ad spend by Watford Marquees based on some rankings when written (January 2024):

Ranks Number 1 for the following Keywords/phrases:

Marquee hire in Watford(Search volume: 10 @ Cost per click: £1.45): £14.50

Marquee hire in Hertfordshire (Search Volume: 140 @ Cost per click: £1.25): £175.00

Marquee hire in Harrow (Search volume: 110 @ Cost per Click: £1.18): £129.80

Marquee hire in Hemel Hempstead (Search volume:10 @ Cost per Click: £1.10): £10.50

Marquee hire in St Albans (Search volume:50 @ Cost per Click: £1.02): £51.00

Total monthly value for the above keywords/phrases: £380.80

In the calendar year ending 31 December 2022, only 35.12% of visitors to Watford Marquees website were organic and not paid meaning a lot of fund were going into generating paid traffic. With our SEO strategy implemented, we fast forward to have a look at the figures for the calendar year ending 31 December 2023. The results were in and they were absolutely shocking, a huge increase, from 35.12%, now 81.28% of website visitors were from organic and unpaid searches, an increase of 46.16%.

Through SEO, we have allowed Watford Marquees to become less reliant on paid traffic and bring their services in front of hundreds of potential customers without the fluctuating and uncertain advertising spent from month to month.

What does this ultimately mean, Watford Marquees no need to continue paying high adverting cost. Through using our SEO services and result are targeted to their customers.